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Use the Disqus comment system on your Contao website. You can use it as front end module or content element. All you need to launch is the "shortname" identifier of the comments thread - it is an autogenerated value in the Disqus administrator panel.

For more information about the Disqus system please visit:


First of all, you need to configure your site in the Disqus administration panel. Once you are logged in and created a new site, please go to its Settings tab. Find a section Side Identity and copy your unique shortname.

Then, create a new front end module and enter the unique Disqus shortname in its settings. The last step is to put your module on the website - it can be greatly used with news or events!

You can optionally enter the Disqus identifier which allows to load the same thread of comments on other pages. See the official documentation for detailed description.

Template shortcode

You can also initialize the comment system anywhere in your system (e.g. template files) by using the code below:

<?php echo Disqus::generateComments('my_shortname'); ?>


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HTML - 6.4%

Releases (versions)

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1.1.0 () .zip .tar.gz


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To report bugs or request new features, please use the Github issues system as this will greatly improve the workflow and speed up the development process.


Extension name: disqus
Category: Application
Type: Free
License: LGPL
Current version: 1.1.1
Compatibility: Contao from 3.2.0 to 3.5.34
Languages: en en
Installed: 265+ times