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Member content

Display the individual member content using a front end module. This extension allows to add content elements per member in the Members module and then display them on the website for currently logged in user.

Adding content

The individual content for each member can be added in the Members module. Use the last icon in the row of each entry to access the content view. You can add as many as different content elements as you like, just like for articles, news or events.

Then create a new front end module of type Member content and place it on the protected page. It will display the content specific for the currently logged in user.

member_content Changelog

Version 1.0.2 stable (2015-01-20)


  • Added the German language files (thanks to Didier Federer)

Version 1.0.1 stable (2014-12-18)


  • Added the composer.json file
  • Updated the readme file

Version 1.0.0 stable (2014-02-12)

Initial release.


PHP - 100%

Releases (versions)

Name Last commit Download
1.0.2 () .zip .tar.gz
1.0.1 () .zip .tar.gz
1.0.0 () .zip .tar.gz


Name Last commit
develop No more changelog for small projects (58ea4e8)
master Merge branch 'hotfix/1.0.2' (a826717)

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Extension name: member_content
Category: Application
Type: Free
License: LGPL
Current version: 1.0.2
Compatibility: Contao from 3.2.0 to 3.5.34
Languages: en en en
Installed: 211+ times