In short, I offer web development and web design services. Each day I handle miscellaneous projects, ranging from small extensions to large, complex systems. I serve clients from a variety of countries, including Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia, Austria, and Germany. I customarily work as a subcontractor, and I have been collaborating with a number of companies for several years now.

In my projects I use Contao CMS, occasionally combined with Isotope eCommerce, delivered with HTML5 and CSS3, and accented with jQuery or MooTools. And because I am a serious GIT enthusiast, each project version is tracked. This ultimate combination results in solid, reliable, and easily maintainable projects.

From the beginning, I have worked on many different projects, including reservation systems for concerts, car washes, and ski resorts; bus schedule systems; ad and community portals; consulting web systems for CRM software users; dozens of websites; and an unlimited number of smaller Contao extensions. 


I create fully functioning websites created from A to Z, including the custom design. In the website production, I use the newest and the best technologies available. My websites are based on the Contao Open Source CMS, which is a solid and reliable solution. Website responsiveness can also be added upon request.


Sometimes you need to extend the your website with a custom functionality. This is where my PHP and JavaScript skills and experience come in handy. Contact me if you need custom Contao or Isotope modules, extra front end functionality, or even a complete web app created from scratch.

Contao support

If you are looking for professional assistance with Contao and its derivatives, feel free to drop me a line. I can perform Contao installations, updates, and maintenance jobs. Additionally, I would be happy to assist you with any other task such as adding content, adjusting design, or installing extensions and themes.

E-commerce shops

Are you interested in eCommerce? I can help you install, configure, and launch a web shop based on Isotope eCommerce. Besides the standard services such as setting up the overall structure, payment, and shipping methods, I can easily add custom functionality to your shop.

Design implementation

I offer conversion from design files to HTML/CSS in Contao that is compatible with all modern browsers and devices. Each design can be enhanced with impressive jQuery scripts to greatly improve its appearance. You can also ask me to adjust or add responsiveness to your current website.

Isotope support

I offer quick and dependable support with Isotope eCommerce, an eCommerce solution for Contao. As one of the developers of Isotope, I am the ideal person if you require web shop configuration, functionality set-up, or custom features.