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Events subscriptions

Contao extension that allows members of your website to subscribe to the events. In the backend there is an overview of members subscribed to each event. Front end comes up with two modules: event list with subscribe button and the subscribe form that works on the event reader page. You can also setup a reminder for members subscribed to the events that will be sent a certain amount of days before event takes place!

Front end modules

For the front end you can use the Event list subscribe module. It is similar to the genuine event list module except that it provides subscription form. Ensure that you have checked the correct event template (i.e. event_list_subscribe). You can also configure the subscription confirmation, unsubscription confirmation and login page. You don't have to do that, though, as the confirmation messages are displayed.

Please note that the subscription works only with the future events!

Alternatively or together with the list you can use Subscribe event form module. It must be placed on the same page as the event reader is. In the settings you can configure the subscription confirmation, unsubscription confirmation and login page.

Back end interface

Next to each event in the Calendar module you will spot a new icon similar to the one from Members module. Once clicked, it will display a list of all subscribed members to that event.

Setup reminders

Reminder e-mails will be sent to every member that is subscribed to a particular event. The notifications are sent on a certain amount of days before the event takes place. You should setup the server CRON job to make this feature work properly.

You can use the wildcards in your e-mail reminders. Since version 1.0.5 the format of the wildcard is e.g. ##event_startDate##.


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Releases (versions)

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To report bugs or request new features, please use the Github issues system as this will greatly improve the workflow and speed up the development process.


Extension name: events_subscriptions
Category: Application
Type: Free
License: LGPL
Current version: 1.0.7
Compatibility: Contao from 3.2.0 to 3.5.34
Languages: en en en
Installed: 581+ times