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Welcome to the Codefog company website. I specialize in web development and web design services. Most of my projects are based on the Contao Open Source CMS and its derivatives. Through years of solid work, innovative solutions, and a passion for web development and design, I have gained the trust and loyalty of companies all over the world.


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Open source contribution

In my free time, I enjoy creating open source extensions for both Contao and Isotope eCommerce. This is my personal contribution to the fantastic, ever-evolving Contao community. Click the links below to learn more about my projects.

Contao is an open source content management system that is widely used for small and medium websites.
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My extensions have been installed
46142 +
Isotope is the premium eCommerce solution for Contao CMS designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind.
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My clients

I serve clients from a variety of countries, including Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, USA, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia, Austria, and Germany.