Stuff that keeps me busy

In our free time, we enjoy creating open source extensions for Contao Open Source CMS and developing some minor JavaScript utilities. We are committed to keeping open source projects error-free and compatible with the latest Contao versions. In 2016 we have launched the Codefog Shop project which sells the commercial Contao and Isotope eCommerce extensions.

Commercial Projects

Our primary work

The main activity of Codefog is a comprehensive execution of commercial projects, based on Contao, entrusted to us by external IT agencies. As we execute these projects as subcontractors, we have decided not to show them on our website in the form of a traditional portfolio because they belong to our customers. You can still get a sneak peek of our latest project by contacting us.

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Contao Extensions Shop

After a few years of running Codefog Shop, we have finally decided to revamp this project, and we started a brand new initiative named Veello. It is a store with premium Contao extensions, which you can buy and install in your CMS setup. Our flag product – the Veello Theme – is probably the most advanced Contao theme solution on the market.

We would like to invite you to check our offer!

Codefog Shop

Contao Extensions Shop

In 2015 when I was literally flooded with open source work I have decided to open an e-commerce shop that would sell high quality Contao extensions at reasonable prices. Contrary to free-to-use modules, their paid equivalents are constantly improved and have a fast & reliable support.

A year later, that is 2016, the Codefog Shop was officially launched and since then gathered over 100 clients with over one hundred purchases.

Open Source Contribution

A little love back to the community

In our free time, we enjoy creating open source extensions for Contao. Apart from that we have also developed some minor JavaScript utilities. Most of our projects are released under MIT license, which means you can use them for commercial projects for free. This is our personal contribution to the fantastic, ever-evolving open source community.

Open Source Projects on GitHub

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